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I’m Jason, a certified home inspector local to Floyd County, Indiana. As everyone knows, your home is your castle! Let’s treat it like one! Red Assessment is here to help you. We offer home maintenance inspections, pre-seller inspections, buyer inspections and builder warranty inspections. Let’s find those little things before they become monumental. I’m here for you. Bringing you peace of mind.

Home Maintenance Inspections

When was the last time you gave your home a check up? We head to the doctor for our yearly check up, and we keep up with our vehicle maintenance. Our home is a great financial asset, let’s not overlook it.


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Get your home inspected and prevent things like this from happening in your furture!

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What is a home maintenance inspection?

A home maintenance inspection is a health check up for you house. Just like the inspection you would get before purchasing a home without the intent to buy or sell. All main systems of your house would be checked and flagged if they are beginning to malfunction. 

Why should you get a home maintenance inspection? 

Are you worried that you roof has been damaged, or your heating system might be defective? If you suspect anything may be damaged in your home, call for an inspection and find out exactly what may need to be repaired. Home maintenance inspections should occur every 3-5 years, so call and schedule the check up your home needs.


Buyer Inspections


Investing in a home is exciting and stressful! Let me take some of that stress away. A home inspection will give you the information you need on your potential new home. Know your house before you make it your home!

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Pre-Seller Inspections


Thinking about selling your home?

By having a pre inspection done,  you have a chance to bring your home up to date and ready for those buyers!


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What is a pre-seller inspection? 

A pre-seller inspection is just like any other inspection; however, you are finding the best and worst parts of your home to enhance your chances of selling.  A pre-seller inspection allows you improve parts of your home and possibly increase the chances of selling your home at asking price. 

Why should you get a pre-seller inspection?

A pre-seller inspection is a good way to let you know what might need to be fixed to boost selling chances by highlighting your home’s assets for possible buyers. Set yourself apart from most sellers and save yourself from future claims against the property by disclosing to your buyers any imperfections you are unwilling to fix. 


Builder Warranty Inspections

Every newly built house has a builder warranty. Have your home inspected before that warranty expires! 


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Why get a  Builder Warranty Inspection? 

We can provide you with a detailed report that lists any items that need to be replaced or repaired. You can present the report to your builder before your new home warranty expires. This can save you money on things you can have the builder fix for free. 


Radon Testing


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What is radon? 

Radon is a radioactive gas that is generated through the breakdown of uranium inside the earth. It's invisible, odorless, tasteless, and has no immediate symptoms. Radon gas enters homes through cracks and other holes in the foundation. Once inside, the radon gas gets trapped casuing levels of the gas to become dangerously concentrated. 

Why should you get your home tested for radon?

Radon can easily go undetected and can potentially have long-term effects. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon is the number one leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. 


Wood Destroying
Insect InspectioNs


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What is a wood destroying insect? 

A wood destroying insect is as simple as the name suggests. It is an insect that eats wood, and can cause damage to a home's integrity. This includes termites, carpenter ants, and wood boring beetles. 

Why should you get your home inspected for wood destroying insects?

When a house has damage from wood destroying pests it usually isn’t something that can be detected by the naked eye. You need a professional that knows exactly what to look for. Whether you are buying a home and or refinancing, you want to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Lenders may also want to know the condition of the home. This is why a pest inspection is so important.


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